Flashback 2 - Hen

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Flashback 2 Hen Duck Decoy Motion System

Duck Creek Decoy Works proudly introduces the Flashback 2 Hen Mallard motion decoy! With this exceptional new product, we have taken the Flashback to a whole new level! We’ve perfected the appearance, motion, and durability of our wildly popular motion decoy. The Flashback 2 provides the same realistic motion you’ve come to expect from our exceptional line of water motion decoys, with a new and improved look.

Best Moving Decoys for Ducks

If you’re ready to experienced the unrivaled realism of the The Flashback 2 Hen, you’re in the right place! Our Flashback 2 series sets the standard for motion decoys and stands out in the competition for its realistic depiction of a hen mallard’s feeding movements. The life-life flash of this dabbling duck’s tail end as it feeds draws in other waterfowl with its incredibly realistic motion, indicating that this spread is a safe and abundant one! Real ripples extend from the motion this decoy creates, making it irresistible to even the most cautious ducks from a great distance away.

Duck Creek’s Hen Flashback 2 is designed for versatile hunting grounds. The Flashback 2 operates optimally in water depths of at least 9 inches, but as hunters ourselves, we know that your hunting conditions vary. With that in mind, we’ve carefully designed our decoy to move in as little as 4 inches of water. Regardless of the type of water, the Flashback 2 Hen excels in all conditions with consistent results. 

Duck Creek Decoy Works Flashback Motorized Duck Decoy

What’s New With the Hen Flashback 2?

  • The decoy paint scheme is identical to mallard hens
  • For a longer-lasting and more durable motion decoy, we have added a “Truck Bed” coating 
  • New coating = more realistic and less shine
  • 12-hour runtime
  • 12-volt lithium battery
  • Lighter than ever - only a 5 ounce battery
  • Motor is quieter and more durable
  • Easily maintained with our new replacement parts 

How Do I Fix My Flashback 2 Hen?

Duck Creek Decoy Works strives to get you a motion waterfowl decoy that will last in your spreads for decades to come. Made right here in the United States, we provide an incredibly reliable and lasting decoy that is simply unrivaled in its motion. When you purchase a Flashback 2 Hen, you’re getting a product that has been carefully crafted, designed for your ease of use, effectiveness in drawing in ducks, and durability.

With the new Flashback 2, we now offer a longer-lasting, more durable motion decoy for ducks, as we have added replacement parts for our mallard hen decoys. With simple-to-follow, DIY instructions, you can easily replace your decoys’ bodies and heads. We also now offer motor compartment replacements, battery boxes, and batteries to change out if your Flashback 2 motion duck decoy is no longer operating at prime capacity. Duck Creek Works is committed to providing you the best motion for decoy spreads you’ll find on the market today! For this duck season and those for years to come, your Flashback 2 Hen is going to draw in the ducks.

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