Why is the Flashback so effective?

The Flashback has the most realistic feeding motion of any motorized duck decoy available. Its patented motion displays to other passing ducks that there is a food source and safety in your decoy spread. The feeding or dabbling motion is so realistic that ducks will not be able to decipher the Flashback from other live feeding ducks so regardless of how many hunters are using them throughout your flyway the Flashback will remain effective.

The flash of the black and white patches on the hind end of a drake mallard as it is feeding gives off a strobe effect that can be seen by any duck or other waterfowl from a long distance. The Flashback imitates this “flash” perfectly. The ripples that the Flashback creates on the water's surface are very realistic and visible from a great distance. 

Spinning wing decoys or other motion decoy types don't have the same degree of realism as the Flashback 2. This makes the Flashback a great addition to your spread so you can get more ducks on your next hunt.

What is the battery life?

The Flashback runs on a 12-volt lead-acid battery slightly larger than a box of shotgun shells in size. The Flashback will run more than 25 hours on a fully charged battery meaning you will be able to use the Flashback for several duck hunts before you have to recharge the battery. 

How deep does the water need to be?

The Flashback has three motions depending upon how the duck hunter wants to use it.

First Motion

The first is a full dabbling motion where the head of the decoy falls underwater and the butt end of the decoy is pulled up. The decoys require nine inches of water to perform this motion.

Second Motion

The second motion Flashback can also perform is a surface feeding motion whereby hooking the cord in the notch on the side of the decoy, the head is prevented from moving in a complete circle and the decoy “clutches."

This presents a motion and water disturbance very similar to a duck that is feeding or “skimming” on or just below the surface of the water. The decoy will perform the surface feeding motion in about four inches of water.

Third Motion

The third motion keeps the tail end of the decoy pointed up and constantly moving. This motion is achieved by attaching a steel washer to the magnet on the rotor on the underside of the decoy. Place the cord under the attached washer and secure the cord in the hook on the side of the decoy. This action requires about nine inches of water.

Is there a warranty?

A day in the field ruined by a poorly made piece of equipment is extremely frustrating for hunters. At Duck Creek Decoy Works, we take every possible measure to ensure the motion duck decoys we developed won’t fail you.

We are willing to back up the Flashback with a one year warranty against defects. The Flashback is made in the USA and we are proud to say that they are assembled and painted by hand here in Colorado by people who are passionate about waterfowl hunting and craftsmanship. (Please see the Warranty Page of this website)

How durable is the Flashback?

The Flashback is made and designed so well, even when used in the harshest conditions it does not require coddling or special care.

You can treat and transport your Flashbacks like any other decoy. It may require repainting occasionally just like any other motion duck decoy. It will be a mainstay in your spread for many hunts to come.

Will it work in thick vegetation?

The Flashback was designed to handle any conditions one may run across in a duck hunting situation. If the Flashback is used in vegetation that prevents its head from fully rotating, because of its design, not only will it continue to attract ducks with its random motion, it will also never strip motor gears or the shaft. The Flashback will bring many seasons of success.

What is the deepest water it can be used in?

The cable that acts like a traditional decoy cord is three feet, nine inches long from decoy to the battery box. If there is demand, Duck Creek Decoy Works will make easy-to-use extensions available.

What is included with the Flashback?

The decoy, a battery, a dry box for the battery, charger, and one-year warranty are included with the purchase of a Flashback.

Does the Flashback come in any other species or sexes?

For now, Duck Creek Decoy Works is only offering a drake mallard version, but these moving duck decoys can easily be painted over if you believe a different species would be more effective in your hunting location.

We plan on offering other species and hens in the near future. Please check our website periodically for new quality products.