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Duck Creek Decoy Works is the designer and maker of The Flashback 2 - Motion Perfected,
the world's best motion duck decoy. Proudly made in the USA.

THE FLASHBACK 2, Effective, American Inovation

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Duck Creek Decoy Works was founded by Tyler Baskfield a Colorado sportsman, who worked to create the most effective duck decoy ever.

A waterfowl hunter since his youth, Tyler noticed the shortcomings of every other decoy. Frustrated with late season ducks not decoying on windless days with ineffective and fragile motion decoys, Tyler knew that if he wanted a quality decoy that was effective and easy to use he would have to create it himself.

After nearly 5 years of development and countless hours of field testing and refining designs, the Flashback feeding decoy was born. The Flashback is quite simply the most realistic, effective and durable duck decoy ever. Tyler and Duck Creek Decoy Works are proud to be able to offer this “game changing decoy” to hunters.   

More About Duck Creek Decoy Works

I want to thank you again for the personal touch and service! I used the two decoys for the first time today in a public hole with used up local birds. No calling, no other motorized decoys, nothing but a brushed up blind with floater decoys and the two new ones...OMG!!

Seasoned, shot up birds BOMBED in like little body builders....I took a photo of the day’s end and a short video of the decoys in action...I’m sending you both because I’m sold and already was sold on your product!!!!! Unbelievable!!!

Thanks Tyler!!

Keith - Winona, MN

These decoys work! We don't normally kill many mallards here in central LA early in the season but we got FIVE from this decoy on a still morning with no wind! The wood ducks like it too. Saw a high greenhead lock up from high and never circled before we knocked him down. Reminds me of the first year of the spinning wing decoy. 

Tony H