The Flashback: The Most Realistic, Effective, and Durable Motion Decoy Available!


The Flashback by Duck Creek Decoy Works offers the most realistic feeding motion of any motorized decoy available. Our exclusive patented motion displays to other passing waterfowl that there is a food source and safety in your decoy spread.

Duck Creek Decoy Works Flashback Motorized Duck Decoy

The feeding or dabbling motion is so realistic that waterfowl will not be able to decipher The Flashback from other live feeding waterfowl. Regardless of how many hunters are using them in your flyway, The Flashback will remain effective.

The flash of the black and white patches on the hind end of a drake mallard as it is feeding gives off a strobe effect that can be seen by waterfowl from a long distance. The Flashback imitates this “flash” perfectly. The ripples that The Flashback creates are very realistic and visible from a great distance.  

The Flashback requires at least 9 inches of water depth for it's full motion. However, it can be used in surface-feeding mode with as little as 4 inches of water depth. 

The Flashback is built tough to operate and survive in even he most harsh conditions. You can treat and transport it like any other decoy. All of the plastic parts are made from durable ABS plastic and are produced in the color pattern of a drake mallard. Our exclusive RockflockTM coating eliminates shine & glare while providing durability to the paint.  

  • Made in the USA

  • Includes 12v battery with charger

  • Approximate 30 hour battery life

  • 1 Year Warranty

Made in the USA 

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