Flashback 2 - Drake Mallard

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The Most Effective and Realistic Motion Duck Decoy Available

The Flashback 2 by Duck Creek Decoy Works offers the most realistic action of any motion decoys available. Our patented motion looks exactly like a live active duck in the wild. Simply put, the Flashback will attract more passing waterfowl to your decoy spread than any other motion decoy.

Duck Creek Decoy Works Flashback Motorized Duck Decoy

The Flashback’s motion is so realistic, late season, educated ducks are attracted to the Flashback regardless of local hunting pressure or how far south in the flyway it is used, unlike spinning wing decoys that loose their effectiveness after the first few days of the season.

The flash of the black and white patches on the hind end of a mallard as it is feeding gives off a strobe effect that can be seen by waterfowl from a long distance. The Flashback 2 imitates this “flash” perfectly. The ripples that these motion decoys create are very realistic and visible from a great distance. 

The Flashback 2 requires at least 9 inches of water depth for its full motion. However, it is easily used in it's surface-feeding mode with as little as 4 inches of water. No jerk strings or complex setup is required and it works great in all hunting conditions and habitats. Once charged, it is used exactly like a traditional decoy. 

The Flashback 2 is built tough to work and remain effective even in the harshest conditions and habitats. You can treat and transport it like a traditional static decoy. All of the plastic parts are made from durable ABS plastic. 

Here is What's New with the Flashback

Every Flashback comes with and is now powered by Duck Creek’s new PowerAnchor. This patent pending technology makes the Flashback the easiest to use motion decoy available. 

Using your Flashback is now as easy as using a traditional decoy. The PowerAnchor is also covered by our best in the motion decoy business one year warranty. 

The Flashback 2 is Now available to our duck hunting brothers and sisters overseas. We now ship to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and many other countries.

Why The Flashback is the Best Motion Decoy Available

• Mallard Drakes, Hens and Black Ducks Available
• Made in the Denver, Colorado, USA
• 12-hour runtime
• Quiet and durable motor
• The Flashback has both a dabbling and surface feeding action for hunters to choose from, moving more water and producing the most realistic ripples and flash.
• The Flashback operates in vegetation, cold temperatures and salt or brackish water without problem.
• Every Flashback and PowerAnchor is hand tested by our crew of duck hunting craftsmen in our water tank here in Denver.
• Easy to replace motors, heads, bodies and PowerAnchors are available on our Website on the “Replacement Parts” page.
• We provide the best customer service in the business. We respond to all questions and ship orders within 24 business hours.

Made in the USA