Flashback Overseas Edition

We are offering the Overseas Edition of the Flashback to satisfy the demand for the Flashback motion decoy from waterfowl hunters in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Due to stringent shipping regulations overseas, we cannot ship our PowerAnchor to overseas customers in a costly or timely manner. The Overseas Edition is the same great decoy with the same great action. The only difference being the Overseas Edition comes with a drybox designed to be used with a number of 12V power sources that are more easily available in other countries.
The Overseas Edition of the Flashback comes with a drybox designed to accommodate a number of 12V SLA Batt sources. The 12V SLA sources are readily available from battery stores and suppliers overseas. The overseas customer will have to purchase their own batt and charger in their home country. 

We recommend customers purchase a 12V 3AH SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) power source with male disconnect terminals. The dimensions of the interior of the dry box will accommodate a power source 152MM L X 86MM W X 68MM H. 
Overseas customers will be able to see the cost of shipping and the expected arrival date in their shopping cart. 
Once furnished with a 12V SLA power source, the drybox can be placed at the bottom of the wetland that is being hunted and it will power your Flashback while acting as a traditional decoy weight. We recommend buying an “extension” off of your Accessories page if you hunt in water deeper than 4 feet.

Hunters in Canada and Mexico, please purchase the standard version of the Flashback as we can ship our PowerAnchor to you via UPS Ground.

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