Our Story

My brother and I grew up hunting with our Dad on the big waters of central Minnesota. Early on, waterfowl hunting became a passion. I ended up building a career around this passion and spent more than a decade as an outdoor writer and a spokesperson for the Colorado Division of Wildlife. My obsession for waterfowl hunting continues today on my farm on the South Platte River on the Eastern Plains of Colorado where my boys and I enjoy farming, wildlife and most of all, duck hunting together.  

Duck Creek Founder Tyler Baskfield hunting with his father.Tyler Baskfield (left) hunting with his Dad, Brent in Minnesota early 1990’s             

Throughout my seasons hunting on the farm, there was a particular issue with my hunts that I couldn’t solve. Regardless of what I tried, I had difficulty decoying large flocks of mid-to-late season mallards on fair weather days. Spinning wing decoys only flared these ducks. Adding more and higher quality decoys didn’t work either. Neither did different calling techniques. Despite any new tactic, I couldn’t coax these educated birds to turn.

I set out on a mission to develop the most realistic, effective and durable motion duck that would improve my success. After four years of field-testing prototypes in all types of habitat and conditions, perfecting the design with three engineering companies, and assembling the most durable components possible, The Flashback Decoy was born.

We hand-build and paint each Flashback here in Colorado with craftsmanship that honors the great North American tradition of waterfowl hunting and waterfowl decoys.

I couldn’t be more proud to finally offer this decoy to passionate duck hunters like you. I firmly believe the Flashback will reliably improve the success of waterfowl hunters regardless of the habitat or conditions it is used in.

Some of my fondest memories with friends and family were made in duck blinds. The success of a hunt doesn’t necessarily depend on numbers. But, a few more birds in the bag can make smiles a little wider and great memories with friends and family a little more vivid.

Thanks for introducing us to this great tradition Dad.

Tyler Baskfield – Founder of Duck Creek Decoy Works

Judd Baskfield – Co-Founder of Duck Creek Decoy Works