About The Flashback

The Flashback was created to solve a universal duck hunting problem: the inability to attract educated-late season ducks on windless, mild-weather days to traditional decoy spreads.

All seasoned duck hunters know how critical having motion in a decoy spread is to attract ducks. Jerk strings, spinning wings, bilge pump decoys, etc. have all been used by duck hunters in order to help fool educated-late season ducks. These old motion systems have their flaws.

Jerk strings tangle, are difficult to set up, don’t look realistic and require someone to pull on a string while they are working a call and a shotgun. Ducks have caught on to and often flair from spinning wing decoys. Bilge pump decoys and the other fragile Chinese-made motorized duck decoys don’t look realistic and break constantly.

After nearly five years of development the most effective, realistic and durable motion decoy is available to hunters.  

The Flashback’s movement is so realistic even the most educated ducks will notice it and turn to it. This is a decoy may be the most innovative duck hunting product in decades. Depending upon how you chose to use it, the flashback has the exact motion of a dabbling or surface feeding duck. It demonstrates a food source and safety to educated ducks flying near your spread. The Flashback decoy even has the “flash” and creates the same ripples and surface disturbance of a live duck and attracts ducks from a distance.

It requires no complex set up. it can be deployed anywhere throughout your decoy spread just like a traditional decoy. it is durable and will run through just about any rigors hunters and mother nature can provide.

It is handmade and painted with pride in the United States and regardless of ice, vegetation, cold or any other nasty condition mother nature can provide or trials a hunter can put it through, it won’t fail you. The Flashback is quite simply the most durable easy to use and effective motion decoy available.